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Digital twin of the projected warehouse

Digital twin of the projected warehouse

Wondering how to improve your logistics center or design a warehouse tailored to your company’s specific needs? A virtual copy of a real or designed warehouse will help. The digital twin allows you to test technological solutions and the organization of your warehouse work in before you incur any investment costs.

With the help of the digital twin, among other things, you will simulate labor productivity, better plan inventory flow and prepare for various scenarios that put a strain on warehouse logistics, such as an increase in demand. Take advantage of big data technology and machine learning and create the most tailored warehouse design.

What does the warehouse's digital twin enable?

Dgital twin in the service of efficiency

If you are planning to build a new warehouse (or modernize an existing one), creating a digital twin will be an invaluable help. It will not only allow you to plan all logistics processes but will also be a great simulator of unforeseen situations.

Make better use of storage space
Speed up your logistics processes
Accurately forecast workforce and equipment needs
Effectively implement technological and organizational changes
Precisely calculate the cost of these changes
Better manage cooperation between departments in the company
Know what emergency scenarios to prepare for
Gain flexibility and the ability to act in advance

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