Economic Order Quantity

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In the system described above, based on the information level, it was assumed that the size of the ordered lot was constant. It was also pointed out that an undoubted advantage of this method is the possibility of placing orders in the amount that minimizes the total costs of replenishment […]

ABC/XYZ analysis

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Another extremely useful tool for inventory management is ABC analysis. It is based on a regularity observed in the 19th century by the Italian scientist Vilfredo Pareto. His research has shown that 80% of the national wealth in Italy is owned by 20% of families [Maternowska 2000a]. This regularity, called […]

Review of selected measures describing demand

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Quantitative reasoning based on the demand history of a good is necessarily linked to the statistical analysis of the data. In this paper, the analysis of historical demand data has been carried out with the use of measures such as: the percentile and the quartile, measures of central tendency, measures of […]

Reorder Point and Target Level

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The system based on the information level assumes that an order is placed at a time when the level of available stock is lower than or equal to the so-called information level (ROP or Reorder Point). Available stock is understood as stock amount increased by already placed orders and decreased […]


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Demand is defined as 'a need for goods or services' [Drabik and Sobol 2014]. In the book by Ziomek [2006], the term is described as „the amount of goods and services that a buyer wants to buy at a given price”. According to Philip Kotler [1999], the notion of demand […]

Safety Stock

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The stock maintained to ensure the adopted level of customer service is called the safety stock [Krzyżaniak 2008; Klimczak 2001]. In the literature, this stock is also defined as a part of the stock created in order to protect against the occurrence of higher demand than planned or to extend […]

Analysis of inventories on the example of selected enterprises (pt.3) – ABC/XYZ analysis results

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Analysis of inventories on the example of selected enterprises (pt.3) – results of ABC/XYZ analysis The results of ABC/XYZ analysis from last publication for the interior trim company, expressed as the number of indexes and the value of inventories in particular groups, are presented in Figures 1 and 2. Figure […]

Najpopularniejsze WMSy- przebieg procesów przygotowawczych i wdrożeniowych

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Na jakie aspekty i konsekwencje związane z projektowaniem IT powinni zwrócić szczególną uwagę menedżerowie odpowiedzialni za wybór WMSa?  Menadżerowie odpowiedzialni za wybór WMS powinny brać pod uwagę uwarunkowania wewnętrzne organizacji – zarówno te aktualne (poziom złożoności procesów, stopień automatyzacji operacji magazynowych, obecnie wykorzystywane techniki składowania, wewnętrzne kompetencje działu IT), jak i te planowane […]