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Reduction of tender rates

Reduction of tender rates

Looking for ways to optimize transportation costs? If you use a third-party carrier, even the smallest reduction – on a quarterly or annual basis – can mean big savings for your company. Check out what we can do for you.

We will analyze the current transportation costs, especially the rates and terms of service with your current carrier. Take into account the real needs of your company and select the most cost-effective offer on the market. Use our tender rate reduction support, you are assured that you are not overpaying, and you are working with the best.

What will we take into account when reducing rates?

What does your company gain?

A lower rate per kilometer means financial savings on any mode of transport. However, working with a carrier is not just about finances. We will make sure that the carrier you choose will also bring you benefits when it comes to client satisfaction:

Benefit from the most favorable transportation rates on the market
Get guaranteed support in negotiating the terms of cooperation with your carrier
Lower your overall transportation costs
Work with a proven carrier
Minimize the risk of customer complaints related to transportation
Take care of timely shipments
Improve customer service

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